Polytunnels 3.65m wide  with windows

Polytunnel T-4, 3.65m wide x 3.65m long x 2.65m high, 13.32m²

Polytunnel of 3.65 meters wide. Recommended for cold climates. With side windows to facilitate ventilation. High to conserve heat on top.
Variant Price
Width: 3.65 m.
Length: Since. 3.65 m Until 12m
Side height: 1.60 m.
Central height: 2.60 m.
Arable area 13.32 m² Until 43.80 m²
Separation between arches: 1,20m
Door (width x height): 1.20m x 2.00m.
Materiale: Polyethylene, tri-layer 200 micrometers (800 gauge)
Structure: Hot-dip galvanized steel
Tubes: ø37mm x 1.1mm
Side windows between arches
Color: Translucent
UV-resistant long duration
Water Resistance: 100% Waterproof
Weight: Since111kg Until 168kg.

Greenhouse information:

European quality
Professional quality cover
Interior structure
Transmission of 95% light
Resistant to long-lasting UV rays
Create the perfect conditions for the growth of your vegetables and plants
side roll-up windows
1 doors

A basic greenhouse made of professional galvanized iron, which paves the way for you to realize your dream of growing vegetables at home: delicious tomatoes, aubergines or peppers. With this greenhouse, simple but effective, you will save a lot of money compared to the models made of aluminum and glass, which are also much more expensive or the greenhouses that will last only a few months.

The structure is easily assembled following the instructions in the manual included. Please follow the instructions in the manual step by step. The cover is of European quality and very durable, so its useful life will be long. It is also resistant to UV rays and allows the transmission of 95% light. The adjustable opening for ventilation allows the greenhouse to aerate throughout its length and helps adjust the temperature.

It is mandatory that, to secure the greenhouse, you bury the excess part of the cover securely along the sides.

Length of each arch 7m (removable in 5 pieces to facilitate transport and assembly)

7 horizontal bars of ø25mm for greater security (no strings, no wires that finally yield and make bags in the plastic)

Fixing to the floor using corrugated iron and clamps.Not included

The assembly is very easy, we send the plastic cut to size and in three parts so that you do not have any complications when assembling it.

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any questions, we will answer you quickly.



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