Here you will find greenhouses for gardens or orchards. With galvanized steel structure and plastic covers with 800 gauges. The best market prices. We have different models and lengths so that you can configure yourself from a small greenhouse of 15 square meters to 200 square meters. If more is needed we also make custom configurations. Having your own garden has never been easier and cheaper.

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Polytunnels 4m wide
Series I is designed for Mediterranean climate. They are greenhouses of 4 meters wide, that having two doors and being lower, the heat comes out with greater fluidity. The arches are distributed every meter and 6 transverse ones also separated 1 meter that make them very robust and resistant.
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Polytunnels 3.65m wide  with windows
Polytunnel of 3.65 meters wide. Recommended for cold climates. With side windows to facilitate ventilation. High to conserve heat on top.
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Polytunnels 6m wide
The A series polytunnels have double doors, one in front and one behind, as well as windows above them. They are 6 meters wide, this together with its good ventilation make it ideal for growing vegetables.